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Time Management

All employees must be able to distinguish between important and urgent priorities. This course will help attendees identify their own time management strengths and weaknesses. Topics include: Time Wasters & Solutions, Goal Setting and Managing Priorities

Team Building

Working in a team environment can have great rewards. However, teams that have poor communication are not effective. Experience and interactive 1/2 day, all day, or several days of various teambuilding games and activities to learn how to work more effectively with your team. Topics include: Improving Listening Skills, Conflict Resolution, Leadership skills, Assertive Communication and Responsibilities of a Team Member.

Creative Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a part of life both personally and professionally. Learn how to communicate so that both parties feel good about the outcome. Topics include: Active Listening, Perception, Using “I” statements and How to get a “Win-Win” Situation.

Dining Etiquette

Many business interactions take place while eating a meal. Learn appropriate behaviors, foods and styles to use while dining. Topics include: Pass the Salt Please, Which fork do I use now?, How do I eat spaghetti?, When to start eating? and Who orders first?

ESL Classes

Customized to fit the needs of each employees. Whether it’s accent reduction, or increasing vocabulary, these classes are packed with tools to help increase English as a Second Language employees. Topics Include: Reading Practice, Matching Games, Increasing Vocabulary, Videos, Speaking skills.

Powerful Presentations

Learn how to organize and deliver a speech that will add credibility and impact. Whether in a group class, or one-on-one, this is a must for all leadership, sales, marketing, and any others who do presentations. Topics Include: Nonverbal Communication (What is my body language saying?), Organizing the message and How to Open and Close with Gusto!