Training & Development

Our training and development series covers an extensive array of topics, from leadership and management, to individual skill building and enhancement.

Sample Modules

AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Compliance

  • Identify what constitutes illegal sex discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Recognize illegal discrimination and harassment behaviors and actions in the workplace related to protected categories
  • Develop personal awareness of inappropriate behavior
  • Reinforce respectful behavior, build trust and strengthen communication in the workplace

Building Teams

  • Create a powerful work group
  • Increase positive interactions
  • Encourage innovation and risk-taking
  • Lead by example
  • Set and monitor goals
  • Celebrate achievements

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

  • Develop a clear problem statement
  • Use tools and techniques to address problems
  • Apply a 5-step problem solving process
  • Make high quality decisions

Dealing with Difficult People

  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Identify “difficult” personalities and issues
  • Choose an appropriate strategy
  • Respond to difficult types
  • Practice composure
  • Plan for success

Delegating, Directing & Motivating/Situational Leadership

  • Motivate and develop employees
  • Practice giving constructive and supportive feedback
  • Coach employees to improve performance

Developing Cultural Competency

  • Increase awareness of and respect for others
  • Develop communication skills for interacting with diverse populations
  • Develop an action plan to improve cultural competency in your organization

Developing Supervisory Skills

  • Set clear task/performance objectives
  • Use effective decision making
  • Coach and counsel employees
  • Document employee behavior
  • Resolve conflict
  • Motivate employee performance

Drug & Alcohol Training

  • Recognize workplace problems related to employee use of alcohol and other drugs
  • Identify and investigate crisis situations
  • Intervene in problem situations
  • Refer employees who have problems with alcohol and other drugs
  • Avoid enabling and common supervisor traps
  • Supervise employees who have been referred to assistance

Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Identify barriers to communication
  • Account for cultural differences
  • Match verbal to nonverbal communication
  • Use effective listening and feedback techniques
  • Build trust and rapport
  • Manage conflict effectively

Leadership Communication

  • Identify your preferred communication style
  • Learn how to “flex” to other styles
  • Understand how culture influences style
  • Appreciate individual differences
  • Practice verbal skills: reflective listening, reframing, and supportive responses

Managing Change

  • Describe models of change
  • Understand why people resist change
  • Explain the six stages of change
  • Apply methods to shift perception
  • Create an action plan for handling change

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

  • Managing Conflict
  • Avoid the “Spiral of Conflict”
  • Diffuse conflict
  • Consider cultural influences
  • Reduce defensiveness
  • Respond to conflict
  • Practice a 5-Step Resolution Process

Powerful Presentation Skills

  • Manage fear and project confidence
  • Tailor your talk to your audience
  • Develop well organized, targeted presentations
  • Practice effective delivery skills
  • Develop appropriate visual aids

Setting and Achieving Goals

  • Use the Goal-Setting Model
  • Write a goal statement
  • Align department and individual goals with strategic company goals
  • Create an action plan to develop and assess goals

Succeeding as a New Manager

  • Make the leap from worker to leader
  • Flex your management style
  • Gain commitment and cooperation
  • Direct and motivate others
  • Communicate teamwork and values
  • Create a development plan

Writing for Results

  • Streamline the writing process
  • Capture your reader’s attention
  • Organize to improve readability
  • Eliminate common problems
  • Use strategies to write persuasively

Additional Workshops

  • Behavioral Interviewing
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Fitness at Work
  • Attracting Top Talent
  • Customer Service