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Over the past 25 years, the need for soft skills training has increased as employers realized the importance of helping their management teams and employees learn appropriate ways to communicate with each other. Additionally, with the influx of compliance training in the State of California, it has become far more important for employers to comply with various laws that can increase the number of trainings that are offered to their staff.

What is Happening

Public Classes

Public classes for the AB1825 /2 hour sexual harassment training for supervisors and the 1 hour SB1343 class for non-supervisors is offered through the Campbell Chamber of Commerce and the City of Fremont Chamber of Commerce. Please contact us or the Chambers for more information. Both of these trainings are required by the State of California. SB1343 must be completed by all employees at companies with 5+ employees by Dec. 31, 2019.

Silicon Valley Human Resources (SVHR)

Meeting is the 3rd Thursday of the every month and there is NO COST.
What to Expect:
We have a Topic Expert speaker on various HR related issues and we offer HRCI credits. Breakfast is served and also has NO COST.
Silver Peak Systems
8:15 a.m.-10 a.m.

Irene Gonzales, HR Director

"HCCA was engaged over a period of time to deliver AB1825 compliance training to all of our California based employees, years ahead of the new mandate. HCCA was later engaged to perform a workplace assessment during a time of low morale, perceived hostilities, and a pending change in CEOs. Elaine was able to objectively interview various employees and help us gauge the climate of the organization. Elaine was later engaged to perform one on one executive coaching. I knew they were the best choice for the job" Irene Gonzales HR Director

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